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City of Lima

Lima, Ohio...A Community of Real American Strength

Lima is more than a city, more than part of a county, and more than the simple sum of all its people and places. Lima’s strength comes from our Midwestern work ethic and values. Our productivity, culture, and way of life are inherited from previous generations, and help make Lima a Community of Real American Strength!

The strength of our community also lies with involved, inspired and committed leadership ready to assist the automotive industry by providing unparalleled connectivity, high quality labor, educational opportunities, and transportation infrastructure. Additionally, Lima boasts a broad network of supporting industries to service the automotive manufacturing industries.

Lima has a long history in the manufacturing and automotive industries. Liberty trucks and steam locomotives prepared Lima to be home to other manufacturing facilities, such as Ford Engines and M1Abrams main battle tank. The city looks to the future with local companies developing components for fuel cells and other advanced technologies.

The Ford Lima Engine Plant recently received accolades in the Harbor report as being the most efficient plant in the Ford system, and best among North American plants producing six cylinder engines. Adrian Price, Plant manager at the Ford Lima Engine plant, recently said “the manufacturing tradition has deep roots here in Lima/Allen County . . .work ethic and workforce certainly support that tradition of hard work, flexibility, and striving for manufacturing excellence.”

Lima is home to one of the original auto task forces in the nation. The Lima Auto Task Force continues to provide support, input, and assistance to regional automotive manufacturers. The task force, fast becoming a national model, is comprised of City, County and other political leaders, industry managers, labor representatives and economic development professionals. Its singular focus is making the community the best and first choice for advanced auto manufacturing. Begin your tour of the opportunities in Lima and Allen County, Ohio at